Biomeds – Watch this video from Olympus

 Attention all Biomeds.  I urge you to view this video from the VP of Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs at Olympus.  I will leave it to you to determine whether you believe whether their refusal to support independent service organizations is solely because of their concern about quality because of the lack of FDA oversight.    CLICK HERE to watch the video (if you have a choice of videos, chose the one that says “Service Center”).

Personally, I believe that it can’t have anything to do with making money.   It is amazing to me that Olympus can cite possible poor work when they are the ones that refuse to share information about procedures, standards, inspections, materials, or sell parts.  Doesn’t Pentax take a different approach?  I believe they encourage ISO servicers, as long as they buy the parts from Pentax.   Pentax has a hand in keeping quality up, and they get a portion of the revenue, and the customers have choices in service.  Everybody wins!

I believe that it was Olympus that was largely behind the FDA’s call for information about third party servicers recently.  I have investigated Olympus.  I have been to their North American headquarters in northern California.  I was totally unimpressed.   Olympus attempts to secure business not through offering better quality, price, value, or customer experience.  Their tactics are unlike few companies I have seen.  They withhold information, bully their way around, refuse to sell parts, and impose financial penalties on those customers that use independent servicers and then later have to return to Olympus for some reason or another.    I do not consider this company a moral or ethical company.  Their goals, in spite of their rhetoric, are to put large sums of money in their own pockets, not to further the quality and quantity of healthcare in the U.S.  And certainly not to hold down costs.

After viewing this video, think of the message in terms of your own professional and personal knowledge.  Does it ring true and sincere?  Or is it just a lot of smoke to scare people into paying Olympus more money?

Patrick Lynch