$24,000 Charge to Make a Service Call? Before The Work Even Starts!

Did you hear the latest way that some manufacturers are trying to embezzle money from the hospital?  How they are forcing them to sign service contracts that they don’t want and don’t need?

They refuse to sell the hospital ANY PART to the unit unless there is a service contract in place.  And if the company is required to make a service call, they charge $6,000 just to drive to the hospital’s front door!  (A different company allegedly charges $24,000 just to show up.)

I hospital I know needed a caster (a wheel) for an imaging machine.  They tried to purchase one.  The manufacturer stood firm and would not sell them one.  So the hospital had no choice but to have the manufacturer come in and make the replacement.  True to their word, the manufacturer (which is based in another country, not the United States) charged them $6,000 just to come to the hospital.  The cost of the caster and the labor were extra.

This is apparently legal.  This is just the latest tactic for unscrupulous companies to abuse the United States’ healthcare system by forcing them to make financially disastrous choices, or be faced with even more devastating consequences.  This is no more than blackmail or extortion, in my opinion.


I urge hospitals to identify these companies and to cease to do business with them.  If the President is serious about improving things in this country, he should champion legislation to make the access to repair parts and medical device service affordable and without the artificially imposed policies that these companies use to suck American dollars to their foreign corporate headquarters.  And pays little or no US taxes.


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