BEWARE of the Laser Outlet, Mr. Sam Lehrer

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BEWARE of the Laser Outlet, Mr. Sam Lehrer

November 02, 2011 05:40

by Thomas Karrs

Pre-owned Laser buyers Beware of the Laser Outlet.

Mr. Sam Lehrer is not to be trusted. Our sales agreement, dated 15 Dec 2009, has yet to be completed. Our office was in the market for a Palomar laser system, but we felt a new system was more than we could afford. After speaking with Mr. Lehrer, he persuaded me that his business could provide a laser system, with a variety of hand pieces and equipment maintenance for a very good price. The purchase order was completed and we mailed the check to his office. Mr. Lehrer insisted that we mail the check before he shipped the Palomar system. We requested delivery before the end of the calendar year, and he assured us that would not be a problem. Mr. Lehrer spoke about the delivery with my office manager. The 300 Palomar base system was delivered 6 weeks late, without our hand pieces. The hand pieces that accompanied our shipment were for another office in Texas. We received the LuxRS two months late and the LuxG was delivered four months late. The LuxG was nonfunctional in a few weeks. We returned the hand piece several times for Mr. Lehrer’s office to fix, it never happened. In fact, Sam was so unethical; he offered to resell the broken hand piece to another buyer and afterward we declined, he proposed to sell us another LuxG hand piece for an additional fee! We are over two years removed from the dated purchase order and no sign of the third hand piece. The 1540 has yet to show up at our doorstep. There was yet another laughable attempt to re-sell us a 1540 at a “very fair price!” Fair? Fair would be for this company to provide us with the products and services we agreed to purchase! We feel that we have been more than patient with Mr. Lehrer’s office. Mr. Lehrer’s office has not made a single attempt to contact us in any regard about our purchase order. We have contacted the Better Business Bureau, Florida Attorney General’s Office and Florida Commerce Department. Now Mr. Lehrer has the audacity to inform everyone that we owe him $600.
As a member of the AAD, I feel that it is my responsibility to inform and warn all my colleagues that Mr. Lehrer is an unscrupulous businessman who gives all used medical equipment businesses a bad name. He is a skilled sales man and will promise you the moon, but beware, his guarantee are meaningless and in my opinion his company is nothing less than a scam.


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