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HP Fined $3 Million For Misleading Consumers About Their Rights

HP Fined $3 Million For Misleading Consumers About Their Rights

If any business thinks the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) doesn’t take Australian consumer protection seriously, take note of this: the regulator has just fined HP $3 million for misleading consumers over their warranty rights.

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The ACCC announced today it had reached an agreed settlement with HP over the case, after launching legal action last October. The behaviour which HP admitted to included:

  • the remedies available to consumers were limited to the remedies available at HP’s discretion;
  • consumers were required to have their product repaired multiple times before they were entitled to a replacement;
  • the warranty period for HP products was limited to a specified express warranty period;
  • consumers were required to pay for remedies outside the express warranty period; and
  • products purchased online could only be returned to HP at HP’s sole discretion.

Under Australian law, all consumers have a right to choose the remedy they want (refund, repair or replacement) in the event of a major flaw, manufacturers can’t unreasonably limit the period a warranty applies for, and consumers don’t have to bear the cost of return if a warranty repair is required. Anyone selling stuff in Australia, take note.

HP issued an apology following the announcement:

We deeply regret that in the instances identified by the ACCC, HP fell short of our core commitment to high standards of service for Australian consumers who purchased our HP-branded desktop computers, notebooks/laptops and printers and of our duties under Australian consumer laws . . . We will provide customer support to assist consumers in resolving concerns with HP products in accordance with the Australian Consumer Law and have established a specific consumer redress program (involving a customer contact centre) to help with past concerns relating to HP-branded desktop computers, notebooks/laptops and printers.

Consumers who purchased goods from HP and feel their warranty rights were misrepresented should contact the company to seek compensation. (There’s also a special email address,


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