BMETs called to witness stand

I don’t call it a “horror” story, more of an unfortunate life experience. Many years ago I was involved in a case where a physician was suing a manufacturer, physician practice and the hospital concerning an alleged laser filter malfunction. Since I responded to the initial call I was designated the hospital representative. At one point the hospital attorney said that if the jury found the hospital guilty, it would be because they found me guilty. Anyhow, I spent the better part of 4 weeks in a courtroom and about 4 hours on the stand (in week 3). About 15 minutes into my testimony it was obvious to me that speculation of any kind is not a good idea on the witness stand. I took a deep breath, told what I knew and admitted there was a LOT I didn’t know. It turns out, that was OK. Lawyers ask a lot of questions…some good, some silly…it is how the process works. There is no way in the world anyone is going to be able to predict the kind of situations that will come their way, so don’t spend needless time worrying about it. Understand what you do, do it the best you can, and be willing to admit and fix mistakes as you go.

BTW, after 4 weeks it took the jury about 2 hours to deliver a not guilty verdict for all the defendants.




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