Covidien Kangaroo ePump

Covidien Kangaroo ePump (2 posts)

from Tech Nation Listserv Jan 16, 2013

  • Avatar Image Randy Guess said 20 hours, 8 minutes ago:

    We are about to purchase new enteral feeding pump and would like to know what others experience has been with the Kangaroo ePump. Any high failure parts or fluid ingress through the battery compartment?

  • Avatar Image Andrew Rich said 18 hours, 32 minutes ago:

    We implemented these pumps around 4 months ago and have had significant problems both on tho clinical and technical side. On the clinical side, we have had issues using certain formulas. In fact, we are still using our Ross Patrol pumps for patients on Ketogenic diets because the pump will continually alarm. There have also been report leads from the the tubing becoming separated. Technical issues have been mainly around pumps loosing their ability to charge the battery. Covidien has been very helpful but we are struggling through problems. Unfortunately, there are not many options in the market right now.


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