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Rate Sheet from Philips

Here is a rate sheet sent to me today . . . .


Philips MVS Rate sheet


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Labor Rates for Siemens – 2008

Here is the 2008 Rates sheet for Siemens.  You may download the complete sheet, including general terms and conditions – Siemens Labor Rates 2008.  (Any updated rate sheets are appreciated).             Pat

Siemens Rates Only 2008

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Rate Sheet for GE

GE Rate Sheet

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Antigua becomes Copyright Haven

The tiny Caribbean country of Antigua has received official permission to violate US copyright law.  If it stands, it may become the place where the service literature of US-manufactured medical devices may be legally housed.  Read below for the details of this confusing situation.   Pat

Antigua gets OK to become copyright haven

By RAPHAEL SATTER, Associated Press
Updated 4:36 pm, Monday, January 28, 2013

LONDON (AP) — Americans call it piracy. Antiguans call it justice.

The islands of Antigua and Barbuda are threatening to strip intellectual property protections from American goods as part of a long-running trade dispute over the U.S. embargo on the tiny Caribbean nation’s online gambling industry.

U.S. officials say the proposed copyright haven – whose broad outlines were approved Monday at the World Trade Organization in Geneva – amounts to “government-authorized piracy.” But Antiguans, who’ve won a series of legal victories against the U.S. at the international trade body, reject any suggestion that they’re pirates.

“We have followed the rules and procedures of the WTO to the letter,” Antigua’s high commissioner to London, Carl Roberts, said in a statement Monday. “Our little country is doing precisely what it has earned the right to do under international agreements.”

The U.S. and Antigua have been tussling for years over the ability of Americans to use online casinos based in the Caribbean nation. U.S. laws have long been interpreted to mean that Internet gambling is illegal if it crosses state lines.

The World Trade Organization, however, has come down on Antigua’s side. In 2007, it allowed the islands to draw $21 million a year’s worth of “nullification or impairments” from the United States as a penalty for the continuing refusal of the U.S. to allow American customers to place their online bets in Antigua.

Antiguan officials say they could make up the money through the operation of a copyright haven, although what that might look like and what its scope would be remains unclear. Antiguan officials have kept details vague and the move has little precedent.

Observers have suggested, for example, a subscription service to access copyright-free American music, or a pay-per-download site that charges pennies for Hollywood hits.

Mark Mendel, a lawyer for Antigua’s government, cautioned that whatever ends up being set up, it wouldn’t be an Antiguan version of The Pirate Bay, the free-for-all file sharing site whose name has become synonymous with illegal downloads.

“We aren’t going to be flaunting the rules,” he said in a telephone interview last week. “It’s not piracy if you have the right to do it.”

Right or wrong, American businesses aren’t happy with the idea. Gina Vetere, with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce‘s intellectual property center, said such a move would only exacerbate the dispute and “sour the business environment.”

The haven may still never see the light of day; Mendel said Antigua’s goal remains a negotiated settlement with U.S. authorities over the gambling dispute.

Even if such a haven were set up, international fans of free downloads may want to exercise caution. Antiguans may be allowed to download freely, but for those outside the country the legal regime remains murky.

Nevertheless, the notion of a country of 89,000 people standing up to the powerful United States on intellectual property matters has caught the imagination of many – especially those who believe that U.S. copyright rules are too restrictive.

“It’s time for small countries to be treated fairly in these organizations,” said Mendel.

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BMETs called to witness stand

I don’t call it a “horror” story, more of an unfortunate life experience. Many years ago I was involved in a case where a physician was suing a manufacturer, physician practice and the hospital concerning an alleged laser filter malfunction. Since I responded to the initial call I was designated the hospital representative. At one point the hospital attorney said that if the jury found the hospital guilty, it would be because they found me guilty. Anyhow, I spent the better part of 4 weeks in a courtroom and about 4 hours on the stand (in week 3). About 15 minutes into my testimony it was obvious to me that speculation of any kind is not a good idea on the witness stand. I took a deep breath, told what I knew and admitted there was a LOT I didn’t know. It turns out, that was OK. Lawyers ask a lot of questions…some good, some silly…it is how the process works. There is no way in the world anyone is going to be able to predict the kind of situations that will come their way, so don’t spend needless time worrying about it. Understand what you do, do it the best you can, and be willing to admit and fix mistakes as you go.

BTW, after 4 weeks it took the jury about 2 hours to deliver a not guilty verdict for all the defendants.



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Sterrad 50 PM Procedure Needed


We have a Sterrad 50 that was stored for 6 months and the user wants to put it back into service for another 6-10 months before they replace it. Sterrad wants $10k to do a PM and replace many PM parts, due to age.

We want to just perform a PM to see if it passes now, without the major PM parts replaced. Does anyone have the procedure that we could evaluate to see if we want to put it into service or not?

Thanks for your help or ideas on this issue.



Bruce Andrews


Biomedical Technology, Inc.

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