Misuse of Copyright is Hurting the Health of America

The Manufacturers of medical equipment, including x-ray, CT Scanners, MRI and much more, all copyright their service manuals.  Then they refuse to sell them to the end users.  They prevent the distribution of their manuals between users who have legitimate reasons and needs for them.  The effect of this is that many (most?) hospitals must rely on the original manufacturers to provide service and repairs.  The manufacturers charge up to $1,000 per HOUR for labor, and sell repair parts at excessively high prices.  They may also mandate the exchange of expensive sub-modules for costs of up to $30,000.00 instead of repairing the $5.00 component inside that caused the problem.  If those of us in the hospitals had the manuals, we could replace the $5.00 part and avoid the multi-thousand dollar costs.

We need a Fair-Use exemption in the copyright law to allow the free exchange of service manuals and other necessary documentation between end users.   Pat


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