“Infatuated With the Sales Rep” is not a reason to purchase

Here is an excerpt from a recent Biomedtalk post:

“Look into the Dornoch system.. A much better system in my opinion and much easier company to work with.  We trialed it and I was impressed.   Unfortunately the surgical staff was to infatuated with the Stryker sales rep and we went that way.”

This happens in so many cases.  A company hires real appealing sales people, and then counts on this extra appeal to make the difference in close cases and swing the sale to their product.  One would think (and hope) that in the science-based world of healthcare and medicine, that decisions to purchase major medical devices would be made on objective factors, not how much cleavage the sales lady shows. (Sorry to be sexist, but this is the most frequent scenario.)

If you know of any other cases where companies in healthcare use sex to sell, please post a comment at www.HTMDirt.org .





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