Hospira Plum – No Training for Hospital Staff

Initial Question:

On Sep 1, 2012, at 11:10, sanpedrodave <sanpedrodave@GMAIL.COM> wrote:

> I hope you all will permit me a venting opportunity here. We have over

> 900 of these Plums in-house. As you all know Hospira is performing a

> nationwide corrective action on the pump mechanisms, piezo alarms, and

> display issues.  We have asked Hospira on numerous occasions to train

> and allow my staff to perform these pressure load cell calibrations on

> my pump mechanisms that have drifted out of calibration. Like Mr.

> Wheeler we are seeing a steady stream of the mechanisms falling out of

> cal and giving us many distal occlusion errors and other niceties. I

> was recently informed by senior product managers from Hospira that it

> will be a cold day in Hades before we ever get the opportunity to

> perform this simple calibration. They will not release or sell the special calibration jig to their customers.


> Now here’s the rub. I can contact greater than 15 ISO’s and ask them

> if they can perform this calibration. Most all of them  will say yes

> and they will perform this service at the attractive price of

> $175-$225/pump. When asked how they do that without the alignment jig

> most will boast that they have reversed engineered and solved that issue.



> So how is it that Hospira can take a hardline stand with a long term

> and engaged customers and end users, but yet keep a blind eye on the

> many third party groups to openly advertise and perform this service,

> right under their noses. We have a fundamental flaw here on how this

> process works. I would prefer to perform this simple calibration

> procedure  in-house with my trusted and qualified staff, not by

> unknowns with no permission to perform this work, or  manufacturers

> with no backbone to release maintenance rights and procedures  to the end user/ owners of these devices.

> Respectfully

> David Stiles


It’s called “working for lawyers”. Let’s face it, we all do. The OEM will have an easier day in court with the fact that the only certified calibration is available from them instead of third party which will absolve them of financial penalties. When a patient is harmed, usually the family’s lawyer shotguns all involved in hopes of maximizing the financial outcome of the case. The OEM minimizes this by limiting technical information available out there. It also boosts the bottom line as well. Welcome to MBA healthcare……..

Just my $.02


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One response to “Hospira Plum – No Training for Hospital Staff

  1. I’ve seen their field service rep complete this calibration many times. We have had a LARGE percentage of our pumps fail the distal pressure test during the P.M. as well as on the floors, and they were all recalibrated under warranty by the FSR at our facility. If only one in XXXX audible alarm failures causes a recall, (I’ve never seen one with our inventory), but we are seeing constant failures with the pressure calibrations, why isn’t there a recall for that!!!!

    Jerry P. Wheeler II, CBET
    Biomedical/Communications Manager
    Salem Community Hospital

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