Carestream DR1 Mobile System AIAT

Does anyone have a Carestream DR1 mobile system? What should I expect to get for AIAT documentation. I am told from the dealer that sold us this system that we cannot get any type of service documentation until after someone here attends the weeklong training session which costs $5000.00. I have no problem sending someone to the training, but thought we were entitled to some type of documentation to provide us the ability to make basic adjustments if necessary to assure proper system performance. Any and all comments would be welcome.


John Laine


Answer:  [from Imagetalk 8/16/2012]

This is correct. You will have to attend their service training in Rochester, NY. You will be granted Carestream’s Secure Link access for one year, entitling you to service access. After that year, you will have to pay $2k per year to keep this access active.

You can do detector calibrations (daily dark & X-ray) without service access but the training is recommended.

Jeff Moser


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One response to “Carestream DR1 Mobile System AIAT

  1. Andrew Hartmann

    Hi John,

    I actually work for Carestream and would be happy to have somebody contact you regarding training and support that Jeff references. If you could send me your contact details, I can make sure somebody follows up.



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