Humphrey Instruments Lens Analyzer – Zeiss won’t sell service manual or provide tech assistance

I have a Humphrey Instruments Lens Analyzer which will not capture and save. Zeiss tells me it that it’s likely that the capture switch is at fault. They will sell me the switch, but they warn me that they don’t advise doing the repair without the service manual. When I ask for a part # on service manual, they tell me they won’t sell it to me. When I ask if they would walk me through the repair over phone, you know what their answer is. I of course told the technician what I thought of their approach and policy (I was polite).

Anyway, does anyone have this manual, and could you make the pertinent section available?



Robert Resnicoff CBET, BA

Senior Clinical Engineering Technician

Union Memorial Hospital

Baltimore, MD 21218

[Biomedtalk 8/9/12]


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