Microlite Test Box for Nicolet Vasoguard not sold to End Users

I just contacted Nicolet about purchasing the MicroLite Test Box required to perform most of the calibrations detailed in the service manual. They tell me that they do not sell the test box and that I will have to send the unit in. I told them that the service manual does not state that nor did the tech who set the unit up mention this fact.

The manual states: “This section, Servicing & Calibration, covers in detail how to repair and service a VasoGuard in the field. The calibration instructions are supplied for setting up the components of the VasoGuard in the workshop, as specialist equipment is required to perform this task.”   Not “I have to send the unit in for testing”

The manual is very detailed and complete with schematics. But without the MicroLite Test Box I’m stuck with sending in the unit.

Any ideas fellow Biomeds? Have any of you been able to get this box or build one?

Doug Ensley

Valley Regional Hospital

[posted on Biomedtalk 8-8-12]


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