Verathon Calibration

Excerpts from a thread on Biomedtalk Jan 2011:

– We have sent our BVI3000 out for anual calibration the last two years and each time they tell us that it will cost another ~$500 because of damage to the case and the probe. This year we checked the unit thoroughly before sending it out. The unit is shipped back in Verathon’s case, which the loaner came in.
Has anyone had this same problem?

– Yes, if there’s a scratch on it they’ll tell you it needs a new case.

– I have had that happen also. We cured the problem by getting a cheap digital camera and taking pictures of it prior to shipping. When they called and told me there was damage, I told them I had pictures to prove it left here in good condition. Unit came back in the fashion in which it left. It’s a bunch of BS and they are trying to make extra money. They need to be reported if it has happened to this many of us.Jeff

– Shout out to my fellow biomeds.  It’s time to calibrate our 12-month old bladder scanner.  The hospital purchased along with it the Phantom self-calibration kit thinking biomed could save them some $ on annual cals.  Come to find out that the cal procedures specify that to verify that the cal is successful you have to connect online to their proprietary ScanPoint, server based software which is provided for an additional $504.  Or you can just send in the scanner and they will calibrate for you for $575. They say that basically the Phantom self-calibration kit is useless without purchasing annually the ScanPoint. And apparently logging into ScanPoint is serialized because a separate $504 is required for every scanner that you are checking calibration on.  In either case the calibration reference guide specifically states that the unit must be calibrated at a minimum every 12 months; read that word for word.  Am I stuck or what?  I have contacted Customer Service and they tell me that I don’t have to calibrate as all as long as it is working correctly, even though their guide says so.  Well Duh!!  That what I was checking for.  Can I use any other self-test equipment to perform this calibration check?


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