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Announcing a new place for YOU to tell the REAL story

This blog site is intended to be a site where people who are involved in the maintenance of medical devices and equipment in hospitals (commonly called Biomeds,  BMETs, or Imaging Engineers) can post true stories about problems that they are having.  The stories should be about people or companies or regulatory agencies who impede our ability to do our jobs – which is to repair and maintain medical equipment in a safe, reliable and cost effective manner.  If your job has been held back to the detriment of your employer or hospital, tell it here.

But first, a few guidelines:

Let’s keep it FACTUAL. (keep in mind that the companies may be reading this blog regularly)

Name the names of the offending companies.

Cite as many specifics as you feel comfortable doing.

Keep yourself and your hospital anonymous unless you want to risk some retaliatory action.

Remove as much emotion as possible from the story.  Factual accounts with clear causes and ramifications are taken more seriously.

Proofread your submission and use spellcheck.

Email items for the blog at .

I will post any and all email that I receive.  This may be multiple posts per day if I receive that many.

Thank you for your input.


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